I scream, you scream…

I made homemade ice cream!

I argue that I am still on time for this blogging event, hosted by Ice Cream Ireland. It’s still Sunday somewhere!

So the story behind this goes back to that last dinner party. In order to make the apple tart, I needed cream. Well here, it’s not so simple as walking to the nearest dep. Nope. I’d have to go to at least something as big as an Emart or GSmart or Lottemart. The grocery stores I generally pass by did not have any. But I wasn’t going by Emart or GSmart, and so when Angela said she was going to Costco and asked me if I wanted to go, I said yes. They did have cream, and it was only 5000 won or so, if I remember correctly. BUT it was two cartons of 1000 mL. Yes, two litres of cream. Oy!

So then I made the tart and everything was good, but what to do with the extra cream? I asked around for suggestions, and one Daring Baker suggested I make ice cream. I’d never tried before, but hey, first time for everything. And then I noticed that there was actually a food blogging event related to ice cream.

Ice cream Ireland is going to be making a cookbook with ice cream recipes. And he needed testers to try making the recipes. Testers even get a mention/thank you in the cookbook and could win a copy of the book! Sweet.

He had a list of recipes that needed testing, and I decided to make one from that list (honey cardamom ice cream), and one of his other ice cream recipes that was not on the list (cinnamon ice cream).

I started with the honey cardamom ice cream. The recipe is here.

I just noticed that it’s no longer on the list of ice creams in the original post… ah, well. If it’s not useful, at least it was delicious.

The recipe called for 2 tbp (10g) cardamom. For light powdery things (salt, baking soda, whatever), I’m used to thinking of 5g as a teaspoon and 15g as a tablespoon, so I thought that it might be two teaspoons of cardamom. Turns out that it really is two tablespoons. So much for my stupid reasoning. I was going to do it by weight just in case, but I was lazy, and had a teaspoon measure, so I put in two heaping teaspoons. I tasted it and was prepared to add more, but.. it tasted quite cardamommy, and I liked it, so rather than go for an even stronger flavour I just left it. Next time I try, I’ll try with two tablespoons. But it’s perfectly fine with two teaspoons.

Anyway, I followed the recipe as it was written otherwise. I wish there were some useful thing I could say, but really, it worked perfectly well. For the custard stage, I had no thermometer to check the temperature, but it’s not the first time I’ve made custard, so I just went about it as I would normally. Usually when mixing the sugar and eggs with the milk, I add a bit of milk to the egg mixture and then mix it and add it in to the rest of the milk, but the method of adding the milk to the egg mixture in a steady stream worked perfectly well too. It was a thinner custard than I was used to making, so at some point, I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be thicker, but it seemed ready, so I continued on.

I made the recipe in the morning, and so just let it stay in the fridge about 6 hrs or so where it called for leaving it there overnight, and then took it out and continued. The only other place in the whole recipe where I did something that was not mentioned was near the end.. once it was put in the freezer and was firming up, after about three and a half hours, I went back to stir it, and then again two hours after that. I have no ice cream maker, so it was just in a bowl, and I’d heard that you need to stir ice cream when you’re making it to prevent it from crystalizing. I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard it more than once, so I just went ahead and did it. This morning I checked, and it firmed up wonderfully. It’s delicious!

The cinnamon ice cream (recipe here) was much the same.

I had no cinnamon sticks, so I followed the suggestion of adding a half teaspoon of ground cinnamon instead. Where the recipe calls for the cinamon stick to be put back in if a stronger flavour is desired, I added in another 1/4 tsp of cinnamon, maybe a bit more.

Again, when it came to freezing it, I stirred it a couple of times, once every few hours or so, and then left it overnight in the freezer. When I woke up, it was perfect!

The cinnamon ice cream is firmer than the honey cardamom, but both are a really good texture.

Conclusion: Ice cream making = success!

I’ll add pictures later.

Honey Cardamom Ice Cream:

Cinnamon ice cream:

3 responses to “I scream, you scream…

  1. I’m so glad it worked out in the end. Thanks a million!

  2. It certainly did! And both ice creams are so delicious.. and I’m not the biggest ice cream fan, so that does say something. They’ll probably be gone faster than I anticipated they would.

    Thanks for sharing the recipes and allowing me (and others) the chance to take them for a test drive.

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